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 Rune Factory 2 (NDS) - Birthdays List (Contain Spoiler)

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PostSubject: Rune Factory 2 (NDS) - Birthdays List (Contain Spoiler)   Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:56 am

Rune Factory 2 (NDS) Birthday List

Originally written by Me & Sphilia


Yue (ユエ)
Easiest: Aqua Marine (Common in Trieste)
Other Favorite Gifts: Diakon, Fried Udon
Birthday Gifts: Cabbage Cakes (9 Spring)

Julia (ジュリア)
Easiest: Toy Herb/Carrot
Other Favorite Gifts: Salad
Birthday Gifts: Seafood Pizza (16 Spring)

Mana (マナ)
Easiest: Pink Turnip
Other Favorite Gifts: 4 Leaf Clover, Premonition of Love
Birthday Gifts: Roasted Yam (9 Summer)

Cecilia (セシリア)
Easiest: Amethyst or Ruby (Common in Blessia)
Other Favorite Gifts: Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire
Birthday Gifts: Aquamarine Brooch (12 Summer)

Alicia (アリシア)
Easiest: Strawberry
Other Favorite Gifts: Diamond
Birthday Gifts: Emerald Ring (28 Summer)
make note that your gift won't affect her LP

Rosalind (ロザリンド)
Easiest: 4 Leaf Clover (Try to cheat on one of Mana's quest where she asks you to get 4 leaf clover for her, give it to Rosalind and then cancel the quest, retake again if you like)
Other Favorite Gifts: Sweetie Potato, Grape Liqueur
Birthday Gifts: Hot Milk (27 Fall)

Dorothy (ドロツ)
Easiest: Char (Go fishing in Blessia Center Area, near the fence)
Other Favorite Gifts: Fried Char, Emery Flower
Birthday Gifts: Strawberry Jam (2 Winter)


Favorite Gifts: Pumpkin, Boiled Pumpkin, Skipjack, Skipjack Sashimi
Birthday Gifts: Fried Rice (2 Spring)
Skipjack can be found in Pond or Port in Fall

Barrett (バレット)
Favorite Gifts: Salmon, Iron
Birthday Gifts: Skipjack Sashimi (5 Spring)

Natalie (ナタリア)
Favorite Gifts: Pumpkin Pudding, Tomato, Cherry Grass Flower
Birthday Gifts: Fried Udon (21 Spring)


Favorite Gifts: Eggplant, Miso Eggplant, Autumn Grass
Birthday Gifts: Seafood Doria (27 Spring)

Jake (ジャク)
Favorite Gifts: Onion, Spinach, Bull's Horn
Birthday Gifts: Platinum (23 Summer)

Favorite Gifts: Fluffy Scarf, Proof of Warrior, Platinum
Birthday Gifts: Snapper Sashimi (6 Autumn)

Ray (レイ)
Favorite Gifts: Pink Melon, Pink Cat Flower, Vegetable Juice,
Birthday Gifts: Grape Juice (8 Autumn)

Gordon (ゴドン)
Favorite Gifts: Pumpkin, Proof of Warrior
Birthday Gifts: Amethyst Ring (15 Autumn)

Favorite Gifts: White Cabbage, Charm Blue
Birthday Gifts: Stew (21 Autumn)

Favorite Gifts: Tomato Juice, Pineapple Juice
Birthday Gifts: Curry Rice (10 Winter)

Tanya (タニャ)
Favorite Gifts: Wolf Fang, Apple, Apple Pie
Birthday Gifts: Ruby ring (21 Winter)


Cammy (カノン)
Favorite Gifts: Strawberry, Strawberry Jam, Insect Skin, Marmalade (2nd Gen), Rainbow Trout Sashimi (2nd Gen)
Birthday Gifts: Hot Chocolate (15 Summer)

Roy (ロイ)
Favorite Gifts: Potato, Panther Claw, Giant Glove (2nd Gen), Ice Cream (2nd Gen), Steamed Gyoza (2nd Gen)
Birthday Gifts: French Fries (25 Winter)

Sera and Serena
(ス&ム) [2nd Gen]
Favorites: Tomato Juice, Pudding, Omelet Rice
Birthday Gifts: Marmalade (29 Fall)

(ラムリア) [2nd Gen]
Favorites: Pizza, Cheese Fondue, Mixed Ole
Birthday Gifts: Sapphire Ring (27 Winter)

(オルフェス) [2nd Gen]
Favorites: Taimen Sashimi
Birthday Gifts: Sunsquid Sashimi (15 Winter)
Taimen can be found in Padova, Tomb

Leonel (リン) [2nd Gen]
Favorites: Chocolate Cake, Pancake, Feather Cap
Birthday Gifts: Mixed Juice (3 Summer)


Kyle (カイル) [2nd Gen]
No Favorite Items
You can give him present 3x (Morning

Feel free to tell me if there's anything wrong.


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Rune Factory 2 (NDS) - Birthdays List (Contain Spoiler)
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