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 Tales of Abyss - Seven Fonic Hymn

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PostSubject: Tales of Abyss - Seven Fonic Hymn   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:41 am

Seven Fonic Hymn

Vocal: Tear Grants (Yukana)

Magic: Nightmare (Lv.1)
壱:トゥエ レィ ズェ クロア リュオ トゥエ ズェ
1: Tue rei ze croa riou tue ze

Magic: Force Field
仁:クロア リュオ ズェ トゥエ リュオ レィ ネゥ リュオ ズェ
2: Croa riou ze tue riou rei neu riou ze

Magic: Holy Song
参:ヴァ レィ ズェ トゥエ ネゥ トゥエ リュオ トゥエ クロア
3: Va rei ze tue neu tue riou tue croa

Magic: Revitalize
四:リュオ レィ クロア リュオ ズェ レィ ヴァ ズェ レィ
4: Riou rei croa riou ze rei va ze rei

Magic: Judgement
五:ヴァ ネゥ ヴァ レィ ヴァ ネゥ ヴァ ズェ レィ
5: Va neu va rei va neu va ze rei

Magic: Grand Cross
六:クロア リュオ クロア ネゥ トゥエ レィ クロア リュオ ズェ レィ ヴァ
6: Croa riou croa neu tue rei croa riou ze rei va

Magic: None
七:レィ ヴァ ネゥ クロア トゥエ レィ レィ
7: Rei va neu croa tue rei rei

Since the Grand Fonic Hymn is not written in any Earth language, and is in fact done in the Auldrantian version of the do-re-mi scales, I 'romanized' the Japanese renditions of the sound in the ways I thought best would match how they are sung, if someone wanted to sing this song. There's lots of debate over how they should be written; this is what I personally use.

Translate by Ayu Ohseki~~! <3 Updated by me XD[/i][i]


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Tales of Abyss - Seven Fonic Hymn
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