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 11th July 2009 - New Moon {Beginning of the Nightmare}

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PostSubject: 11th July 2009 - New Moon {Beginning of the Nightmare}   Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:47 am


- 11th/08/2009 {Morning} -

"Another boring day", That was popped inside of Yuuto's minds when he open his eyes and realized that he already in the floor not in his bed anymore. He start stand and wash his face with water. As usual, he changed his clothes to School's Uniform, take his School's Bag and out his room then locked it. When he walk down the stairs, he heared someone called his name...

"Yuuto! Wait for me!"

Sigh..it was Mikoto, his childhood friends. Yuuto stopped his steps and wait for that clumsy girl. "Can ya be hurried?", Yuuto shouted as like he pissed off a little.

"Can you be nicer? I already done!", Mikot replied when she hurried locked her's Room.

"Sigh...girls nowadays...", Yuuto mumbles to himself.

"I'm done. Let us walk to School now~", Mikoto start to walk down the Stairs with Yuuto. In Lobby, Mr. Towahara sitting on the sofa while reading newspaper and drinking coffee.

"Hmm..? Aren't you guys gonna be late?", Said Mr.Towahara when he takes a sip on his coffee.

"Oh shi--Dammit! Let's us hurry, Miko! We're gonna late!", shouted Yuuto. He start to run to front door and open it.

"Okay! See you after School's done, Mr.Towahara~! We'll going now!", yelled Mikoto when she start to following Yuuto running.

Done, this is just the opening ^^. I control Mikoto's dialogue at first xD


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PostSubject: Re: 11th July 2009 - New Moon {Beginning of the Nightmare}   Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:22 am

- 11th/08/2009 (Afternoon) -

Bell ringing. Schools ended. Carrying her bags, Mikoto walks to Yuuto's chair. "I still have works in School, you can go home by yourself Yuuto. I'm sorry, I can't walk together with you", as she said that, Mikoto bowed down then she left Yuuto alone.

"Ahh! I'm gonna be late!", Mikoto yelled at herself while she running in the corridor. Not too long, she stopped running and her's body faced a door. In that door, a writings can be seen

"Please knocking before enter
Vice-president Student Council"

"Hmmpp...", Mikoto hold her breath and release it. *sigh* Then with all of her courage, she knocked the door.

*knock* *knock*

"...Enter.." A cold voice can be heared from inside.

I wrote this for now till Sphilia-neechan done her character~~ >:3


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11th July 2009 - New Moon {Beginning of the Nightmare}
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